NCPA’s “Spectrum” to celebrate dances from around the world

February 4, 2019
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NCPA’s 2nd edition of ‘’Spectrum 2019- A festival of dances from around the world’’ will be presenting classical dances with popular Bollywood Retro theme with two unique presentations.

On 8th February, an evening of Bollywood classics and on 16th February, a collaborative presentation of Flamenco & Kathak, and PungCholom (Drum Dance) from Manipur will treat the audience.

The Spectrum will feature the performances by renowned classical dancers like Jhelum Paranjape, Tina Tambe, Sandip Soparrkar, Aditi Bhagwat etc.

The day-1 of the Spectrum, on 8th February 2019 will kickstart with a Bollywood Retro Evening with performances by Jhelum Paranjape & Smitalay, Sandip Soparrkar & Troupe and Tina Tambe & Troupe.

Jhelum Paranjape, one of the preeminent gurus of Odissi, will pursue the thought process behind Odissi Margam, a voyage of the soul from devotion to salvation through Bollywood melodies. Well-known Indian, Latin and ballroom dancer and Bollywood choreographer Sandip Soparrkar will display a bunch of blissful Bollywood tunes. Leading Kathak exponent Dr. Tina Tambe will perform traditional classical compositions from Bollywood movies along with her troupe.

On day-2, that is 16th February 2019, the festival will conclude with a 90 minutes presentation on Flamenco-Kathaa by Aditi Bhagwat & Kunal Om and PungCholom by Drummers from Manipur Bhubaneswar Singh and Troupe. Flamenco-Kathaa is a blend of the two disciplines in their pure and collaborative form. With foot-tapping being at the crux of both styles, Flamenco and Kathak seamlessly overlap, creating rhythmic patterns and nuances unique to the two dance forms. PungCholomis a highly refined classical dance number characterized by the modulation of sound from a soft whisper to a thunderous climax. It will be performed by traditional drummers from Manipur will perform acrobatic acts while playing their traditional drum. Their performance will be based on Tanchap.

On day-2, that is 16th February 2019, the festival will close with an hour and a half introduction on Flamenco-Kathaa by Aditi Bhagwat and Kunal Om followed by PungCholom by Drummers from Manipur Bhubaneswar Singh and Troupe.


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