Wind – Instruments of India

July 4, 2018
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Published: February, 2017
Format: Audio CD

Instrumental Classical Music of India has perhaps never before in history enjoyed the kind of pre-eminence that it has in the last six decades. Instruments of India have taken the meditative soul of Raga Music to the Globe.

Sangeet Natak Akademi, the National Academy of Music, Dance and Drama has recorded the music of India for posterity and brings for the world a series of priceless recordings of Indian music from its archives. The series is as educative as entertaining. A truly valuable collection.

Wind - Instruments of India, an Audio CD, brings a collection of music played on various instruments from different parts of India like Shehnai, Flute, Nagaswaram, Sundari, Mukhveena, Narh, Pavri, Pungi, Shankh, Thunchen, Khangling, Mashak, Surnai, Bankia, Khung, Bans, Mohuri, Kol, Ransinga and Limbu.

25 Tracks of Wind include- Raga Priya - Dhanashri on Shehnai by Anant Lal, on flute- Raga Bhupali by Pt. Hari Prasad Chourasia and Raga Hamsadwani (Carnatic) by N Ramani, Raga Sindhumandari on Nagaswaram by Sheikh Chinna Moulana and Raga Bhairavi on Sundari by Suryakant Khaladkar.

This Audio CD with a rare collection of Indian raga on unique instruments is a must in your music library. To know more click HERE

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