Imaging Water – Bringing out the talent and creativity of dancers

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June 26, 2019

The intention of this video article is to illustrate to bring out and showcase the talent and creativity of dancers. I give them a subject and ask them to project the concept using their language of dance.

Questions & Remarks  to provoke the response  of Kathak Dancer


Water God is represented as Varuna. He features in multiple hymns of the Vedic Literature. And in a variety of myths or gaathas which contemplate the multi-layers of the element of Water.

Can we sometimes like Contemporary Art use Kathak language to express multi-levels of human emotions by pondering on water?

Observation of responses from Kathak dancer Sangita Chatterjee

She used Movements and patterns of rhythm  The Kathak Dancer

  1. Expressed through images the perception of nature, and psychological states.
  2. She also comprehended  the canvas of Water as a structural and texture

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