Alhaiyya: A melodious concert by Paulami and Bhupal

August 13, 2018

It was a unique musical concert presented by Alhaiyya – Anandyatra Swaranchi, A platform dedicated to classical music, on 4th August at Choice Hall, Kothrud, Pune.

Paulami Deshmukh, a Young classical vocalist presented beautiful symphony of Gharanas like Jaipur, Gwalior and Kirana. She started with raag Madhuwanti, having “Bairan Barakha Ritu Aayee”, a bandish by Pt. Kummara Gandharv and set the melodious mood of the concert. This was followed by “Mai aau tore mandarva”, another bandish representing the close friendly relationship between Pt. Kumar Gandharv and Pt. Vasantrao Deshpande”. Thereafter she sang two traditional badish viz. “Udho  ye” and Shamsundar more ghar nahi aye” from rag Nat-malhar enhancing the melodious mood. She also presented “Umand Ghan Ghumand Ghir Aayee”, a distinctive bandish describing a cordial relationship between husband-wife.

Paulami Deshmukh | PC: Supplied

She concluded with a traditional composition “Saware Aijaiyyo”, which was indeed, a delightful performance and kept the mood of the audience at a high level.

During her splendid performance, she was accompanied by Sagar Patokar on Tabla and equally supported by Haripriya Patil on harmonium.

Other attraction of the program was the charming performer sitarist Shri Bhupal Panashikar. He started with raag Puria, a dignified and difficult raag to perform. The audience was enthralled with this performance and got the wide appreciation at the end. He was accompanied by Pt. Arvindkumar Azad. It was highly balanced and melodious performance by these two versatile artists. After presenting various Alapi, Jor, Zala on sitar, It was a marvellous performance on Tabla by versatile Pt. Arvindkumar Azad. The great artist always gave the top performance and this was also a presentation showing his class. The jugalbndi between Bhupal and Pt. Azad in raag Rageshree stretched the mood of the concert at the highest level.

In the end, there was demand from the audience for a joint presentation from Paulami (vocal) and Bhupal on sitar. This suggestion was well appreciated and responded by the artist with the same zeal. Both of them performed Dadra “Aan Ban Jiyame Lagi” in raag Mishra Gara. This was accompanied by Pt. Azad.

It was a masterpiece of a melodious concert which will be remembered by the audience forever.

Anchoring by Snehal Damale was an icing on the cake.

Dr. Ravindra Ghangurde, was guest of honor. Pt. Ravi Date, Dr. Ashutosh Javadekar, Shri Anand Deshmukh, Shri Madhav Vaze, Mrs. Usha Deshpande, Shri Nitin Joshi graced the occasion.

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